(Please send/drop off your parcel to our PJ center)
1st 0.5kg RM50.00
Sub 0.5kg RM16.00
Schedule: 1 air shipments per week
Duration: 5-7 days(start from shipment date, subject to custom clearance)
*The new price will commence on 3rd January 2023.


1.Minimum charge weight: 0.5KG Shipping fee for air shipment is charged according to the larger one between actual weight

   and volumetric weight.

   Measurement In Weight (Volumetric) 
   Length(cm) x width(cm) x Height(cm)/5000=Kgs
   *Volumetric weight will apply when higher than gross weight

   *Max weight per box is up to 30kg, each dimension length must less than 100cm and total dimension length is up to 150cm.

   Please inquiry for special size cargo.

2.We offer free compensation up to RM200 per order for Normal items against loss, damage during shipment.

   For FRAGILE items, such like glass, ceramic, crystal and others FRAGILE items, air cargo doesn't cover damages caused by 

   insufficient or unsuitable packing or others reason.
   So please take note, to purchase at your own risk. If your items are fragile items, be sure to inform the seller to do special

   handling and additional 

   So please take note, to purchase at your own risk. If your items are fragile items, be sure to inform the seller to do special

   handling and additional protection on packaging.

3.Items that cannot be transported by air are a product regulated by the US TSA (Airline Administration).Freighters loaded

   with general cargo cannot adjust the air pressure, so if the air pressure rises more than 10,000 feet , product leakage or 

   explosion may occur due to the pressure difference.

   a) All rechargeable batteries containing lithium, such as lithium-ion-Can be shipped if they are inside the machine or 

   installed in the machine : Typically, additional battery products for mobile phones, batteries and cases can be transported

   together: batteries and case separate types cannot be transported.

   b) Liquids that may damage human skin and eyes when exposed-Highly acidic acid (ACID) liquid, coffee machine cleaning

   liquid, electric razor cleaning liquid (typically Brown product anti-fault / but Philips products can be shipped) -Products in 

   pill form can be shipped.

   c) Gas-filled spray (typical flammable product) -Hair spray, paint spray, hair mousse, etc.
   d) Oil-based paints cannot be transported, water-based paints can be transported.
   e) Products marked with a flammable, dangerous goods mark or symbol.
   f) Products containing compressed gas such as co2 cylinder and carbonated beverages
   g) Compressor products that use compressed gas in a wine refrigerator

   h) Various adult products, drugs, and weapons (including guns/knives, toys but similar products) are prohibited in most 


   i) E-cigarette, hoverboard -It is said that products with batteries inside the machine can be transported, but the two 

   products above are a product that cannot be
   transported due to the case of an explosion accident during use.

   j) Manicure products, hydrogen peroxide, adhesive-The above two products contain a large amount of explosive components

   (alcohol, hydrogen) and cannot be
   shipped. And most of the products have a flammable mark.

   If you are not sure about the item condition, please inquiry us in advance before you proceed to place order.

4. How to place order
   a) Please login to to register an account and get your unique VIP**** ID.
   b) You may get warehouse address details once login.
   *Please be sure to indicate the MY-VIPSTORE VIP*** marking. Shipment will be slightly delay if the parcel without 

   any marking.

   c) For ordering process, please refer to another info under Ordering Process Flow 2020
   *Shipping fee to be paid before parcel departed to Korea. 7th December 2022 revised.
Please refer to the above information, and if you have any inquiries, please contact or WhatsApp us at +6017-376 5495.
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